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Virginia Landscape Artist of The Year

Based on the popular UK television program, this project is a gathering of amateur artists from the Virginia area. The goal is to build the local art community around painting en plein air. Each gathering is a commitment to four hours of painting in one sitting. All painting must be completed by the end of four hours, at which time we gather to discuss our works.

To apply for an invitation to the next heat, please complete form below.



All participants must apply to receive the highly coveted, and top secret invite to upcoming heats.

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Thanks for applying!

Coming Soon - Heat 1

The first edition of Virginia Landscape Artist of The Year will be taking place soon. Please apply above for an invite to any upcoming heats. After the first one has taken place, we will post the participants works below. If you do not want to participate but wish to be notified of results, please subscribe below.

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